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After spending six years on the Free High School Science Texts (FHSST) project, Dr Mark Horner has finally made available to all South African learners free online Maths textbooks based on the new FET curriculum. The FHSST initiative is driven by volunteer contributions and is funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation.The FHSST project develops and disseminates free and open source textbooks for use in the teaching of Maths and Science. Over 100 voluntary contributors worked towards producing the initial format of the Maths & Science textbooks.These free textbooks have come just in time for learners in Grades 10, 11 & 12, giving them the opportunity to use these resources for revision purposes to prepare for the final exams.

As the Grade 12 learners of 2008 are the first to write the new National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination in Maths & Science there are no past question papers available. This is therefore an ideal opportunity for these learners to work through some fresh questions from these free textbooks in preparation for the finals. Grade 12 learners who do not have a solid grounding in certain topics can first make use of the Grade 10 & 11 texts to understand the basics before moving on to the Grade 12 text.

No project can be successfully completed until it has been evaluated by the very people for whom it is intended. To this end, FHSST plans to conduct classroom testing and trials in order to gain valuable input from teachers and learners regarding aspects of the books to ensure that the content is pitched at the correct level and fulfills all syllabus requirements. The books are written with the aim of being simple; the important basic concepts are clearly explained and will therefore also be easily understood and enjoyed by many second-language English speakers.

FHSST and The Shuttleworth Foundation has granted all educators and learners the following FREEDOMS:

Our copyright license is different! It grants freedoms rather than just imposing restrictions like all those other textbooks you probably own or use.

We know people copy textbooks illegally but we would LOVE it if you copied our's - go ahead copy to your hearts content, legally!

Publishers revenue is generated by controlling the market, we don't want any money, go ahead, distribute our books far and wide - we DARE you!

Ever wanted to change your textbook? Of course you have! Go ahead change ours, make your own version, get your friends together, rip it apart and put it back together the way you like it. That's what we really want!

Copy, modify, adapt, enhance, share, critique, adore, and contextualise. Do it all, do it with your colleagues, your friends or alone but get involved! Together we can overcome the challenges our complex and diverse country presents.

So what is the catch? The only thing you can't do is take this book, make a few changes and then tell others that they can't do the same with your changes. It's share and share-alike and we know you'll agree that is only fair.

These books were written by volunteers who want to help support education, who want the facts to be freely available for teachers to copy, adapt and re-use. Thousands of hours went into making them and they are a gift to everyone in the education community. The idea is to encourage educators to use and build on these resources. Therefore these books will be constantly updated to ensure they remain abreast of new developments.

This initiative by FHSST in partnership with the Shuttleworth Foundation can be described as a quantum leap for education in South Africa. As a continuously evolving online Maths resource we may eventually produce, with the help of all interested educators, one of the most effective Maths textbooks available in the classroom. The fact that it is freely available to all makes Maths so much more accessible to all South African learners.


FHSST (Free High School Science Text) Core Team

Mark Horner ; Samuel Halliday ; Sarah Blyth ; Rory Adams ; Spencer Wheaton

FHSST Editors

Jaynie Padayachee ; Joanne Boulle ; Diana Mulcahy ; Annette Nell ; RenŽe Toerien ; Donovan Whitfield

FHSST Contributors

Rory Adams ; Prashant Arora ; Richard Baxter ; Dr. Sarah Blyth ; Sebastian Bodenstein ; Graeme Broster ; Richard Case ; Brett Cocks ; Tim Crombie ; Dr. Anne Dabrowski ; Laura Daniels ; Sean Dobbs ; Fernando Durrell ; Dr. Dan Dwyer ; Frans van Eeden ; Giovanni Franzoni ; Ingrid von Glehn ; Tamara von Glehn ; Lindsay Glesener ; Dr. Vanessa Godfrey ; Dr. Johan Gonzalez ; Hemant Gopal ; Umeshree Govender ; Heather Gray ; Lynn Greeff ; Dr. Tom Gutierrez ; Brooke Haag ; Kate Hadley ; Dr. Sam Halliday ; Asheena Hanuman ; Neil Hart ; Nicholas Hatcher ; Dr. Mark Horner ; Mfandaidza Hove ; Robert Hovden ; Jennifer Hsieh ; Clare Johnson ; Luke Jordan ; Tana Joseph ; Dr. Jennifer Klay ; Lara Kruger ; Sihle Kubheka ; Andrew Kubik ; Dr. Marco van Leeuwen ; Dr. Anton Machacek ; Dr. Komal Maheshwari ; Kosma von Maltitz ; Nicole Masureik ; John Mathew ; JoEllen McBride ; Nikolai Meures ; Riana Meyer ; Jenny Miller ; Abdul Mirza ; Asogan Moodaly ; Jothi Moodley ; Nolene Naidu ; Tyrone Negus ; Thomas O'Donnell ; Dr. Markus Oldenburg ; Dr. Jaynie Padayachee ; Nicolette Pekeur ; Sirika Pillay ; Jacques Plaut ; Andrea Prinsloo ; Joseph Raimondo ; Sanya Rajani ; Prof. Sergey Rakityansky ; Alastair Ramlakan ; Razvan Remsing ; Max Richter ; Sean Riddle ; Evan Robinson ; Dr. Andrew Rose ; Bianca Ruddy ; Katie Russell ; Duncan Scott ; Helen Seals ; Ian Sherratt ; Roger Sieloff ; Bradley Smith ; Greg Solomon ; Mike Stringer ; Shen Tian ; Robert Torregrosa ; Jimmy Tseng ; Helen Waugh ; Dr. Dawn Webber ; Michelle Wen ; Dr. Alexander Wetzler ; Dr. Spencer Wheaton ; Vivian White ; Dr. Gerald Wigger ; Harry Wiggins ; Wendy Williams ; Julie Wilson ; Andrew Wood ; Emma Wormauld ; Sahal Yacoob ; Jean Youssef

Contributors and editors have made a sincere effort to produce an accurate and useful resource.

Should you have suggestions, find mistakes or be prepared to donate material for inclusion, please don't hesitate to contact us. We intend to work with all who are willing to help make this a continuously evolving resource!


Email info@mathsexcellence.co.za

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To improve the standard of Maths education and make maths more accessible to ALL South African learners. We have established a network where we as professionals, can debate issues that affect us and the learners we teach; exchange ideas and resources; and become an effective pressure group for change - in this we have established a dedicated mathematics website to achieve this goal.

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